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For almost 20 years, she's been keeping an amazing secret, shared only with family and friends...

Since childhood, our Chief Baker Extraordinaire, Deb Rossick, has always enjoyed baking and experimenting in the kitchen. Some of her favorite memories are those of baking with her older sister. In school, she made snickerdoodle cookies for a project and they have been her dad's favorite ever since his first taste!

Deb's baking has brought joy to so many of her friends and family over the years, especially when she started making birthday cakes for her son, Robbie, and for potluck gatherings at work.

When she started making cheesecakes in culinary school, it became a passion. Deb's decadent recipe is sure to exceed all of your expectations. Come try her Original baked. Cheesecake Filling and all of Deb's tasty creations at our next event near you - or order here online. Your taste buds will thank you!

Deb enjoys spending time with her crazy loving family and best friends, who are dedicated to helping her make this dream a reality and supporting her to success. She has 2 dogs - Bentley and Jack - both rescues. She has run numerous races and marathons, including the prestigious race in honor of her favorite lovable dwarf, the Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney World. In her spare time, she loves meditation, going to the beach, and watching the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy.

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